Autistic children display unusual behavior. A typical autistic child’s behavior is likely to include some of the following:

  • no speech
  • non-speech vocalizations
  • delayed development of speech
  • echolalia: speech consisting of literally repeating something heard
  • delayed echolalia: repeating something heard at an earlier time
  • confusion between the pronouns “I” and “You”
  • lack of interaction with other children
  • lack of eye contact
  • lack of response to people
  • treating other people as if they were inanimate objects
  • when picked up, offering no “help” (“feels like lifting a sack of potatoes”)
  • preoccupation with hands
  • flapping hands
  • spinning
  • balancing, e.g. standing on a fence
  • walking on tiptoes
  • extreme dislike of certain sounds
  • extreme dislike of touching certain textures
  • dislike of being touched
  • either extremely passive behavior or extremely nervous, active behavior
  • extreme dislike of certain foods
  • behavior that is aggressive to others
  • lack of interest in toys
  • desire to follow set patterns of behavior/interaction
  • desire to keep objects in a certain physical pattern
  • repetitive behavior (perserveration)
  • self-injurious behavior
  • “islets of competence”, areas where the child has normal or even advanced competence. Typical examples:
    • drawing skill
    • musical skill
    • arithmetic
    • calendar arithmetic
    • memory skills
    • perfect pitch

There are other conditions which sometimes coincide with autism:

  • synesthesia(an unexpected sensation arises when a particular sense modality is stimulated)
  • Cerebellar abnormalities revealed by MRI scans
  • raised levels of serotonin in the brain


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