Sensory Integration Therapy and Autism


Sensory integration therapy is intended to help patients who over or under-react to sensory input. Many people with autism fit into this category. Learn more about sensory processing disorder and sensory integration therapy.
What is sensory integration therapy? Who offers it? Does it work? Get answers to these and other questions.


Does Sensory Integration Therapy Really Work?
Does sensory integration therapy really work for children with autism? Sensory integration therapy is intended to help children with sensory processing disorders to better manage sensory input, control behaviors, and handle daily life. Does it really work?
  1. Sensory Processing Disorder and Autism — SPD and Autism
    What is Sensory Processing Disorder(SPD), and what is its connection with autism spectrum disorders?
  2. Does My Child with Autism Have Sensory Processing Disorder?
    What are the symptoms of sensory processing disorder? Does my child with autism have sensory processing disorder? What kind of therapy treats sensory processing disorder?
  3. Where Can I Find a Qualified Sensory Integration Therapist?
    Many occupational therapists provide what they call sensory integration therapy for their patients with autism. But are they really qualified? Learn how to find a qualified sensory integration therapist.
  4. What Do Sensory Integration Therapists Do for Children with Autism?
    What do sensory integration therapists do for children with autism? Learn about evaluation techniques, therapies, and outcomes.


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