Causes of autism

Searching for Early Signs of Autism Spectrum Disorders – Covers the latest research on autism’s genetic and environmental causes. (Pri-Med Patient Education Center)

Autism and Genes (PDF) – Comprehensive look at the genetic factors involved in autism. Includes information about current research. (National Institute of Child Health and Human Development)

Focus Narrows in Search for Autism’s Cause – Learn about evidence into autism’s causes, including abnormal brain development and connectivity abnormalities. (New York Times)

Time to Get a Grip (PDF) – Article by a Harvard Medical School neurology professor on the role of the environment in triggering autism. (Autism Advocate)

Environmental Health and Autism FAQ – Browse through frequently asked questions concerning environmental health and autism. (Autism Society of America)

Out of Sync? – Discover how faulty brain wiring may cause some of the problems seen in autism. (Psychology Today)

Study Provides Evidence That Autism Affects Functioning of Entire Brain – Reviews evidence that autism involves difficulties on complex tasks where various parts of the brain have to work together. (National Institutes of Health News)


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